Windows Live Messenger 15.4.3508.1109 (KB2520039)



微軟Windows Live全球佈局系列中的Windows Live Messenger 2011幾日前有官方更新(KB2520039)下載。
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Windows Live Messenger 2011 為 WLM 新增多項功能。用家能夠利用 WLM 與 facebook、MySpace 及 LinkedIn 等社交網站同步,透過 WLM 得知好友最新的動向,甚至能夠直接留言。WLM 亦新增「完整檢視」選項,讓用家能夠瀏覽更多的資訊,包括 MSN 的新聞等。

這一個小小的Windows Live Essentials更新,包括: 性能改進,有針對性的錯誤修復和語言翻譯更正。


In Messenger, we fixed a couple of issues where in some cases you could not re-establish video calls or file sharing activities after losing your network connection. Also, sometimes your status messages and display picture were not synchronizing correctly between PCs, so you’d see a notification that changes made would not be seen on other computers. We also made various performance and stability improvements.

In Photo Gallery, we made a design change so that geotagging no longer overwrites GPS coordinates in image files. Another issue resolved in Photo Gallery is related to terms of usage. In certain conditions, users who declined the terms of usage were shown the screen again until they accepted the terms of usage. This has now been fixed. Users who decline the terms of usage once are not shown the screen again.

We corrected various problems with language translations for our international versions.


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