Videola – Open Source Video Management And Delivery Platform with Drupal


Name: Videola
Description: Videola is an enterprise-level video management system and video delivery platform. It allows you to create paid-access or free-access video websites which can serve video to the desktop, mobile, or television-based devices. Create your own Netflix On-Demand style (subscription), Hulu style (ad supported), or Blockbuster / Amazon style (rental) streaming video websites with your own video content.

    • Subscription access to a collection of streaming videos
    • Create your own subscription intervals & pricing
    • Listings of videos by date, popularity & category
    • Custom categorization and tagging of videos
    • Listing of “similar videos” on each video page
    • Option to show preview videos to non-subscribed users
    • Option to show preview images to non-subscribed users
    • User Queues where users can add/remove their videos
    • In-stream advertising and branding bumpers
    • Extensive video analytics, inlcuding per subscriber
    • High-definition, adaptive bitrate, secure video streaming
    • iOS & Android compatible mobile streaming via wifi or 3G
    • Video content delivery network for peak performance
    • Built on Drupal (Open Source, extensible, flexible)

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Downloading & Installing Videola

We're currently hosting the Videola codebase on Github. For those of you developers who can't wait to dive in, the easiest way to get started (assuming you have relatively recent versions of drush, drush make and git installed) is:

drush make http://lb.cm/videola_starter videola

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