Windows 8 theme for vista & 7

Windows 8 Professional Edition RC1_xbuild7.0.1128
Changes your Windows Vista into Windows 8 Pro.

As you all know Windows 8 not yet been made.

But Windows 8 provides lots of new features along with a newly designed interface. It looks very similar to Windows Vista and Windows 7(Great combination) but there are many GUI changes like redesigned taskbar, Explorer, new boot screen and login screen, etc.

Window 8 theme

密碼: 見解壓檔的註解

Link Themes DOWNLOAD [link] 
“To use 3rd party themes. Download Patch Uxthemes with Universal Themes Patches
Link Logon Screen DOWNLOAD [link]
Link ViGlance updated button skin DOWNLOAD [link]
Link System Tray icon, Tclock Lite & Watermark DOWNLOAD [link]
Link Wallpapers DOWNLOAD [link]

PS: Please create a Restore point using "System Restore" before applying anything mentioned in this tutorial so that you can restore your system back to a working state if anything goes wrong.     "請緊記備份"

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Windows Theme or Visual Style:

Login Screen or Welcome Screen:


Taskbar clock, System try icon & Quick Launch:


About Windows Box:

System Properties:

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