FLV視頻播放器 2.0.25

    FLV Player 媒體播放器為Flash開發者實現了.flv文件的回放功能,而無需先將它們從服務器上加載。 只需選擇文件或拖放文件到播放器,就可立即觀看。 它提供了標准的播放控制功能,只需雙擊鼠標,.flv文件就能播放。

    最近FLV Player 媒體播放器的更新:

  • 解決了一個小故障,關於退出FLV Player後無法自動刪除臨時文件

      • Frequently Asked Questions

        • How do I open a file in FLV Player?
          There’s a number of ways to open a file in FLV Player:
          1. Press [CTRL-O]
          2. Press [CTRL-V] to paste an URL to a remote file or stream
          3. Click the ‘eject’ button below the play button
          4. Drag and drop a file onto the FLV Player window
          5. Specify (the full path to) a local or remote flv as the commandline parameter.
            For example: FLVPlayer.exe "http://www.myserver.com/mymovie.flv"
            or: FLVPlayer.exe "C:\Movies\mymovie.flv".
        • Can I open multiple file with FLV Player?
          Yes, just drag and drop a number of files onto an the FLV Player window. Each file will then be opened in a separate window.
        • What keyboard shortcuts does FLV Player support?
          FLV Player supports the following keyboard shortcuts:
          1. [TAB] – hide/show all interface elements (video is still draggable).
          2. [SPACE] – toggle play/pause
          3. [CTRL-.] – zoom to 50%
          4. [CTRL-1] – zoom to 100%
          5. [CTRL-2] – zoom to 200%
          6. [CTRL-ENTER] – toggle full screen mode
          7. [ESC] – return from full screen mode
          8. [CTRL-O] – open file…
          9. [CTRL-I] – show info (meta data sheet)
          10. [CTRL-V] – paste and play URL
          11. [CTRL-W] – close window
          12. [ARROW-LEFT] – jump 5 seconds backward
          13. [ARROW-RIGHT] – jump 5 seconds forward
        • I have a crash and a message about “CreateURLMonikerEx”. What’s up?
          This error happens because of an old version of Internet Explorer. FLV Player requires Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher. (internally, FLV Player uses mProjector, see here for additional info).
        • When I enter full screen-mode, I cannot go back to normal mode!
          This seems to be a problem that is related to mProjector, the tool I use to create FLV Player with. Other symptoms are (very) choppy video and/or stuttering audio. If this new version of FLV Player is giving you troubles, you can try reverting to the previous version. I have notified Screentime, the creator of mProjector (the tool I use to convert my Flash file into a Windows standalone executable) of this issue, I hope they are able to fix this soon!
          You can also try the following fix, posted by one of my blog visitors:
          1. Close FLV Player.
          2. Find the executable file FLVPLAYER.EXE (should be in C:Program FilesFLVPlayer) and right click on it.
          3. Select PROPERTIES, COMPATIBLITY, and check Run this program in compatibility mode.
          4. Then choose WINDOWS 2000.
          5. Start FLV Player.
        • Is there a Mac version of FLV Player available?
          No, for Mac users I highly recommend the excellent free Quicktime component Perian . Perian allows you to play FLV files (amongst other formats) within the Quicktime player on your Mac.
        • What (thirdparty) technologies does FLV Player use?
          FLV Player uses Adobe Flash Player, ASAP Framework and FFF Harmony font.


        • 2.0.25 – 16 October 2008 – adds ‘video-only’ mode (press [tab] to hide all FLV Player interface elements, note that you can still drag the video around), volume control with [arrow-up] and [arrow-down] keys, timer toggle (normal and milliseconds). Ability to skip forward with [arrow-right] key has been restored.

        • 2.0.24 – 3 March 2008 – adds H.264 (MPEG-4) playback support, improved .flv file-association and fixed a bug where the duration of videos longer than 1 hour wasn’t displayed correctly.

        • 2.0.23 – added left/right arrow support to jump 5 seconds backward/forward in time.
        • 2.0.22 – Initial release after previous 1.33 version.
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