Internet Explorer v9 Pre 2

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Internet Explorer v9 Pre 2 | 14 MB

Windows Internet Explorer - Is another version of the most common web browser in the world, created for the convenience of users on the Internet. IE is faster, easier and safer to work and optimizes the possibility of developers and users when dealing with Web services. In addition, new features Internet Explorer offers a faster, simpler and safer ways to navigate Web pages.

- It is safer than their predecessors
- Independent tabs - Crash on one of them will not hang the browser as a whole
- Supports the advanced technology Web Slices
- Optimized internal search
- Support for standards
- Integration with OS

Features Available:

· IE9 User Agent String
· GetElementsByClassName
· CharacterSet
· CSS3 Media Queries
· HTML5 Events
· DOMContentLoaded
· DOM Core
· DocumentType, ProcessingInstruction, createDocument
· DOM Traversal
· DOM L3 Events
· DOMAttrModified, Composition events

Features Partially Implemented:

· DataURI
· Support in script source
· Developer Tools
Features Available:
· - User Agent String Picker
· A new tool that can be used to change the user agent string that IE sends with every request. The tool comes with some built in presets and new custom user agent strings can be added.
· - Console Tab
· The console window is now a full tab and has been expanded to include the logging of diagnostic information from IE.
· - Network inspection improvements
· Shortened URL
· Color coding for errors
· Scaling units (eg. 500 ms becomes 0.5 s)

Operating system: Windows ® Vista / 7
Language: English
Released: 2010
Size: 14.3 MB

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